Parrhesia - Speaking out the truth -
IPP - Summer Seminar 2016
Parrhesia Exercise - Intolerance
IPP - 2016

Why am I so determined? Why do I always have doubts about myself?

Training teachers session in Hanoi - 1  



Videos: 5th International Summer Seminar of Philosophical Practice

12.07 -18.07.2010


Oscar Brenifier 1 2 3 4 5   (Philosophical Workshop)

Isabelle Millon (Philosophy for Children Workshop)
Comparing Workshops of Philosophy for Children
(Isabelle Millon, Hreinn Palsson, Peter Harteloh)
Peter Harteloh (Philosophical Counseling Workshop -
42 min)
Philosophical Counseling Demo-Workshop Richard Anthone
Hreinn Palsson (Philosophy for Children Workshop)
Oscar Brenifier : Philosophical Counseling to Johann
Couching a Counselor: Oscar Brenifier & Silvia Benschop
Rayda Guzman (Philosophical Counseling Workshop
Oscar Brenifier : Comparing workshops of philosophical practice
Kapittelen: Philosophical Practice Workshop by Peter Harteloh

Oscar Brenifier: Philosophical Counseling to Carmen
Carmen Zavala: Philosophical Counseling to Oscar
Daniel D. Novotny: Philosophical Counseling to Oscar